Too Many Zeros is back!

Too Many Zeros - Killer robotThat fearsome robot is just one element in the new cover of my book Too Many Zeros, officially re-released today in print and ebook editions.

The cover’s the work of my good friend David Owen, an exceptionally talented artist and illustrator. (Visit his website for some real visual treats!)

The details in Dave’s illustrations is astonishing. To get an idea, click on the picture on the right to see it full size. (You may need to click a second time as most browsers will squeeze the image down to fit on screen.)

The re-release means there’s more books coming in the Forty Million Minutes series. Dave’s currently hard at work on the cover of book two — Lair of the Sentinels — which will be published mid-April (late April for the print edition), and I recently finished the first draft of the third book – The Man with the Missing Jaw — scheduled for June this year.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, here’s what the full cover looks like …

Too Many Zeros cover


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