Dead Men’s Shoes

Banking can be dull … and deadly!

Jane Child’s career is going nowhere. Stuck in the headquarters of a large London bank, she’s in the slow lane heading towards a middle-management dead end when her boss becomes a basket case. Thrust into the limelight, Jane is now Acting Divisional Manager of International Business – a demanding role she’s not sure she even wants.

The new job comes with an new computer, a laptop that contains something more than official, bank-authorised software. With the help of her new friend Pri, Jane cracks the computer, discovers her boss’s tawdry secret, and stumbles on an unexpected and intriguing relationship along the way. But there are secrets within secrets, and when Jane inadvertently stirs the murky waters of the criminal underworld, some very big, very nasty fish swim out.

What she’s uncovered is a grand conspiracy that could not only cost Jane her career and everything she holds dear, but also her life …

Dead Men’s Shoes is a prequel to the highly-acclaimed Bluebelle Investigations series, and takes place two months before the incidents in the first book, Private Viewing.