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Sometimes your past won’t let you go.

Solikha Duong and Alice Kwann – two women, two very different worlds. But what binds them is a shocking secret … Tough and resourceful, they won’t give up without a fight … because sometimes your past won’t let you go.

Gritty, suspenseful, page-turning action that lifts the lid on a shocking trade we’d rather ignore.


12 Simple Steps to Becoming an Author

“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity.”
Franz Kafka

Of all the creative arts, writing a novel is both deceptively easy and surprisingly difficult. There are plenty of How To guides about creative writing – whether at the nuts-and-bolts level of words, language and grammar, or offering magical solutions and so-called “writing secrets”. But precious few deal with the actual day to day process of becoming and being a writer. This practical, self-help guide is an exception that will help unlock your potential, your creativity and your genius.


Banking can be dull … and deadly!

Jane Child’s career is going nowhere. Stuck in the headquarters of a large London bank, she’s in the slow lane heading towards a middle-management dead end when her boss becomes a basket case.

The new job comes with an new computer, a laptop that contains more than official, bank-authorised software. There are secrets within secrets, and when Jane inadvertently stirs the murky waters of the criminal underworld, some very big, very nasty fish swim out.


He had a body to die for. She might just do that!

Jane Child doesn’t think much of her employers when she’s passed over for promotion. Nor does Matt, the mysterious homeless guy camped across the street.

But Jane finds consolation in the shape of the man she was passed over for. Celebrity banker Damien Trotter has it all: rock star status, looks, wealth – and a shocking secret…


Bluebelle Investigations hits the ground running!

Jane Child’s first case: a missing cat. How did she get the boring one? Partner Matt Healy’s is far more interesting: someone’s counterfeiting top-notch coffees and threatening a Royal Appointment. But sometimes less can be more. More complex, more frightening and much, much more dangerous…


MI5 have a problem …

Chief weapons scientist Terence Araton is missing and they’d like him found, quickly, quietly, and without a fuss. The perfect job for private detectives Jane Child and Matt Healy of Bluebelle Investigations.
But there’s more to this mysterious case than meets the eye. Shocking family secrets lurk beneath Araton’s slick English facade, and Jane and Matt aren’t the only ones desperate to find him.


Forty Million Minutes — Book 1

Things get seriously weird when Tim Townsend meets a pair of super-intelligent mice with an extraordinary calculator. Suddenly he and his sister Coral are plunged into an adventure full of strange new technology, killer robots, mind parasites, aliens and galactic intrigue…


Forty Million Minutes — Book 2

]Things get weirder – and even more perilous – for Tim, Coral, and their “visitor” friends. The slimy, slug-like, mind-reading Sentinels won’t give up without a fight. Deep within their lair, they formulate a foul plan to exterminate Tim, Coral, Alkemy, Ludokrus, Norman and Albert one by one…


Forty Million Minutes — Book 3

Fleeing Earth with the Sentinels in hot pursuit, Tim Townsend, his sister Coral and their friends face more perils and fiendish plots when they travel to Eltheria. What should be a triumphant homecoming turns into a cat-and-mouse battle with sinister forces ranged against them…


Winner of the North & South/Reed Fiction Award

Steven Spalding is a mild, unexceptional civil-servant, overweight and solitary. But he has a secret; an alter ego in the form of wise-cracking, anarchic Eric Dombey. As Eric, Steven can become the self he sometimes wishes to be, but as events in his life slip out of control, the boundaries between real and unreal blur – all is not as it seems.

Wild, wacky, thoughtful, disturbing and very funny, this book will make you reconsider the whole concept of fiction and reality…