The Man with the Missing Jaw

Forty Million Minutes — Book 3

Fleeing Earth with the Sentinels in hot pursuit, Tim Townsend, his sister Coral and their friends face more perils and fiendish plots when they travel to Eltheria. What should be a triumphant homecoming turns into a cat-and-mouse battle with sinister forces ranged against them.

Meanwhile, an older, darker, far more powerful enemy begins to stir …

There’s more zany humor, more fiendish foes, more stunning tech, gripping adventure and adrenaline-filled excitement in this, the third book in the highly-acclaimed Forty Million Minutes series.

Picking up from where Lair of the Sentinels left off, The Man with the Missing Jaw continues the adrenaline-filled excitement and heart-stopping action.

‘A rollicking good read for pre-teenage children and their parents.
It’s funny, fast-paced and captivating. A real page-turner.’
Maggie Rainey-Smith