Sometimes your past won’t let you go.

Solikha Duong lives the carefree life of a village girl in northern Cambodia until her world is torn apart by ‘truck men’ from the south. But Solikha is tough, resourceful, and won’t give up without a fight …

Alice Kwann is on vacation when she’s attacked by thugs at a stopover in northern Nevada. But Alice too is tough, resourceful, and won’t give up without a fight …

What binds these women is a shocking trade — the third-largest criminal activity in the world.

Now Solikha and Alice must go deeper than they’ve ever gone before, to fight the demons that haunt them and battle the evil men who would use them and destroy them … because sometimes your past won’t let you go.

Gritty, suspenseful, page-turning action that lifts the lid on a shocking trade we’d rather ignore.


Terrific read. One of the best books to arrive from this past year.
Jerome LeBarron

A genuine up all night got to see what happens next thriller.
Kelly Watley

What I didn’t like was it being so good that finished it in one go!
You know, I do have other things to do beside reading.
Scott Groff

Days after finishing Payback, I am still blown away.
Kindle Customer

A wonderful book. You will enjoy it.