Lair of the Sentinels

Forty Million Minutes — Book 2

Things are getting desperate for Tim, Coral and their friends trapped on Earth after the destruction of their spaceship. Now the slimy, slug-like, mind-reading Sentinels have formulated a fiendish plan to exterminate them all, one by one.

Deep within their secret base, they plot and plan, reckoning without the courage and ingenuity of the Earthlings. But word is getting out about strange happenings around Rata. A nosy camera crew arrive, the army are called in, someone goes missing, and someone talks…

Desperate to keep to keep a lid on things, Tim and Coral struggle against overwhelming odds and find themselves caught up in a spectacular battle that could destroy them all.

Now the adventure continues…

Picking up from where Too Many Zeros left off, Lair of the Sentinels continues the adrenaline-filled excitement and heart-stopping action.

‘A rollicking good read for pre-teenage children and their parents.
It’s funny, fast-paced and captivating. A real page-turner.’
Maggie Rainey-Smith