Day 98: We have a cone!

Moving with the alacrity of a knee-capped sloth, it seems that Wellington Water has been back to address the little gusher that’s been bubbling away in our street for the last 98 days. Well, ‘address’ is one way of putting it. Here’s what they’ve done:

Eagle-eyed readers may spot the odd resemblance to the suggested Traffic Management Plan in my last blog post

…except this isn’t really a TMP as there is no work or work-persons accompanying it. It’s just a cone.

So what are they trying to tell us? “Beware, water leak. You’ll get your tyres wet!” Or perhaps more chillingly, “Don’t drive over here as the road may collapse.” (Not entirely unfeasible after 98 days of subterranean erosion.)

The recycling truck is due on Thursday. It’s a tight fit down our one-lane street, even without bright orange cone-shaped obstructions. Still, I expect ‘coney’ will — with the startling originality of the local nightlife — be adorning the roof of neighbour’s car by then.

Still, it’s progress, I suppose, and purely coincidental after the Dominion Post published my letter about the wasted water on Saturday. (For the record, 98 days x 14,400 litres per day = 1,411,200 litres down the drain.)

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