Sobering advice for writers

A couple of breakout quotes from this piece, Where Do We Go From Here? by writer Hugh Howey

…making a career with writing requires working your tail off and a heaping dose of luck. I don’t think we give either of these facets enough credit. The people I see doing well with their writing are working incredible hours, often on top of their day jobs at first, and it isn’t reasonable to expect everyone to have the fortitude to do this for year after year until they develop a following.

Similarly, we don’t give the element of chance enough credit for those who do break out. Great books go ignored every single day. There’s nothing anyone can say to make that better for the authors who are watching their works not grab hold.

And remember …

Very few people make a living in any kind of entertainment sector, and even if they do, it’s rarely for long.

The fickle nature of the market is rarely given its due. It’s this fickle nature that gave each of us a chance. It’ll be that fickle nature that takes it all away. Enjoy it while it lasts. Remember that you once did this simply because you loved it.

So what can you do?

Write more is the best advice, but it’s also the hardest to hear.

Now put this internet thing down and get to work!

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