Geoff Palmer is a writer, which is astonishingly convenient as you appear to be a reader! He’s climbed mountains in Africa, picked grapes in Switzerland, sold cameras in London, programmed computers in Fiji, and spent eight years working as a professional photographer. He’s also quite tall.

Geoff’s first novel, Telling Stories, won the Reed / North & South Fiction Award, and in 20+ years of freelance technical writing he’s won four Qantas Media Awards and been a finalist for Columnist of the Year. His second novel, Too Many Zeros, was published by Penguin in 2011, and a number of other novels have followed since.

He writes, every day if he can, subject to the demands of his cat, Heidi, who regards him as her personal servant, portable cushion and entertainment centre. In return, she kindly allows him to share her house in Wellington, New Zealand.

You’ll find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest